Liquid Edge (liquidedge) wrote in patrickbateman,
Liquid Edge


Oliver James is wearing a Ben Sherman shirt tucked lazly into his rescricting trousers by some little known outfit over by 56th and 3rd. I limply take his hand as I've been mixing my intake between some Valium and some J&B this morning with someone who looks not too disimliar to some new doorman over where I nearly kicked some bum for coughing. I stare blankly at the menu until the waiter comes over, where I order a glass of Evian without ice and some dish that Jean recommended, or someone who recommended it to her.
The food almost melts in my mouth. I'm impressed. I stare into Oliver's eyes as I slowly caress the handle of a 9mm pistol fitted with a high quality silencer, slowly conmplating shooting him in between the eyes until he stops talking, looks across slowly at a waitress, and decide he has class, and let him live for a little longer. At one moment during the lunch, I leave for the men's room to make sure I'm not sweating as much as I think I am. My complexion looks slightly pale but I did not bring anything to deal with it, so I just hope Oliver does not notice.
As I leave the men's room, I hear Evelyn 'Campagine' King's Shame somewhere in the background. Somewhere this fades into Mary Jane Girls' All Night Long. I did not know this place had music, I must have not noticed it when I came in. I forget the rest of the meal and the next thing I remember is that I'm in my apartment early. I decide to sleep until night.
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