Liquid Edge (liquidedge) wrote in patrickbateman,
Liquid Edge


Mary. She was some girl I picked up on 54th Street. She was alright looking, but not a perfect hardbody. But she flirted quite well. My limo took us back to my apartment. She was all over me in the elevatior. She staggered to my door with me, she must have had too much champaign in the back of the limo. She lumbered into the corridor as soon as I got the key out of the door. She moved toward the sofa and collapsed onto it. I climbed on top of her and kissed her, but I could feel her lipstick smearing on my cheek, so I decided to just fuck her instead. But first I went to the CD player and turned on Huey Lewis and The News. Great Band. She was undressing drunkardly while I unzipped my trousers. She was lying on the sofa almost naked, so as I climbed on top of her, I bit hard into her nipple and ripped it off. She screamed too loudly. I smacked her face, pulled over a pillow and shoved it into her mouth, while I pulled out the knife I kept under the sofa, pulled out the pillow and cut out her tounge.
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